5 Ways to Navigate the Post-Pandemic CapEx Challenges of 2022
It’s no secret that it’s been increasingly difficult to get new gear.  Supply chain woes are only worsening as we are pinched by the pandemic, inflation, chip shortages, Lunar New Year, and now reduced resources, as China suspends flights and limits power usage for manufactures.  With that said, the sales team at Nationwide has some advice for you. “All of these variables are causing most manufactures to raise their pricing in the coming months. It is our recommendation that if you’re making purchase plans for 2022, it would be advised to make your purchases early,” says Tim Morin, Director of Technology Sales at Nationwide.

backed up chinese container port

Backed up port loading containers on a ship.

It’s no secret the challenges mentioned are weighing on professional audio and video manufacturers, and suppliers.  It feels like at every turn there are new challenges popping up.  Here are some suggestions for ways you can maximize your CapEx dollars during this turbulent time.

  1. Plan – You know your business better than anyone. So, you know where you’re heading.  If you’re expanding your inventory in a specific area, look for ways to leverage your partners to get the most out of your investment. Take advantage of buying groups you may be associated with. Engage your vendors to ensure that they will have the gear available to support your new purchase. At Nationwide, we are always open to discussing our future purchase plans to help our clients define their own paths.
  2. Manufactures will be increasing pricing on many of their products. If you are in a position to do so, get your POs in to your suppliers a soon as possible. This year, getting POs in early, in order to lock in pricing, is more important than ever.
  3. Review financing options thoroughly. Does it make sense to finance or to pursue a long-term rental plan with Nationwide?  Did you know that Nationwide can tailor long-term rental programs for individual projects or extended inventory support?

    Nationwide INFiLED DB 2.6 Pro LED tiles being received in our Orlando office.

  4. Many business owners are simply making the decisions to own less gear. The goal being to buy less and not tie up dollars on expensive gear with a slow ROI. This is when you lean on your rental partners. Count on companies like Nationwide to invest heavily in new gear to ensure that you have access to the gear that you need to support any event.
  5. Purchase turn-key solutions from a single supplier such as Nationwide. By purchasing through a supplier that represents several brands you can be sure to “get the right rig for the gig”, as we like to say. You can also rely on your supplier to navigate supply chain issues with each manufacture, and with Nationwide, you can receive products cased up and show ready to expedite your ROI.

If you would like to learn more about how the Nationwide Sales team can help you navigate todays challenges feel free to email sales@nationwidevideo.com or call our team at 800-935-2323.