Clear-Com HelixNet Digital Partyline System

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Clear-Com HelixNet Digital Partyline System


HelixNet is the first digital partyline system that provides up to 24 intercom channels and audio program in a 1RU. All channels and audio program feed, along with power for 20 beltpacks can be transmitted over a single cable. Multiple Main Stations can be seamlessly linked to form a networked system; thereby allowing any two of the beltpack channels to access any system channel. The all-digital system is immune to electro-magnetic interference and ground loops, reducing ear fatigue after extensive use.

HelixNet has user-friendly and intuitive controls that make it easy to operate and configure. The system can be wired using a standard single pair shielded(16AWG-24AWG), AES-rated or Category cable—no rewiring of existing in-house cables. HelixNet comes with interface module option bays for integration with 2- or 4-wire intercom systems or for intelligent networking of HelixNet Main Stations.


NEW in Version 4.0 

  • Add up to 24 ports of audio I/O per Main Station by connecting to LQ Series
  • Quickly connect Agent-IC mobile clients with existing HelixNet users via connected LQ Series devices
  • Binaural listening on HXII-BP-X5 beltpacks
  • SIP/VoIP calling from HelixNet via LQ Series

Nationwide Video offers convenient Helixnet digital partyline rack kits. This keeps all of the Helixnet components organized in a single location. Our rack kits are custom built for Nationwide Video and include the following components:

  • Main base station w/2 Ethernet linking modules and 1- 4-Wire Interface module
  • Remote station
  • Speaker station
  • UPS power supply
  • 24-port PoE Ethernet switch.
  • Ten (10) total belt packs
  • Ten (10) total headsets
  • Two (2) 100′ XLR
  • Ten (10) XLR splitters
  • Two (2) 100′ Cat5 runs
  • Edison power cable/adapter
  • Gooseneck Mic

Additional HelixNet Beltpacks and headsets can also be added into this kit upon request.

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