Panasonic AW-RP120 Robotic Camera Controller

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Panasonic AW-RP120 Robotic Camera Controller

The Panasonic AW-RP120 Remote Camera Controller supports a variety of Panasonic remote camera systems. IP connection allows a large-scale, flexible, and simple system configuration for controlling up to 100 remote cameras and the simultaneous use of multiple controllers. The panel features color adjustment dials and a joystick for high response pan and tilt operation. A preset memory with batch recall and tracing memory save labor by allowing single-person operation. Equipped with Paint and other camera adjustment functions, the AW-RP120 meets a wide range of high-end needs.

IP Connection
A switching hub can control up to 100 remote cameras when connected. Automatic IP allocation simplifies the configuration of large-scale systems.
The IP connection allows five AW-RP120G controllers to simultaneously control one remote camera.
Serial Control Compatibility
An RS232C port enables external control, and up to five remote cameras can be connected and controlled. The AW-RP120 is also compatible with many existing systems.
AW-HS50N/E Linking
The IP connection allows linking with an AW-HS50N/E Compact Live Switcher.
Control Panel
The control panel features a pan/tilt joystick, a seesaw zoom lever, a focus dial and an iris dial. In addition, a speed adjustment dial modifies each of the pan/tilt, zoom and focus functions.
Tracing Memory
The remote camera operations (pan, tilt, zoom, focus, iris, and white balance modes) can be memorized and recalled. Each camera can store up to ten memory items.
Preset Memory
Up to 100 camera angle settings (pan, tilt, zoom operation) can be registered and retrieved for each camera in order to simplify a variety of camera controls.
Preset Batch Retrieval
Multiple camera angle settings (up to ten cameras) can be retrieved in a single batch by creating groups of preset memories (up to four groups) which enables one-touch control of routine operations.
Camera Image Adjustments
Adjustments can be made for Gain, Shutter, Detail, AWB, ABB, Master Pedestal, R/B Pedestal, and R/B Gain
Direct Selection Buttons
The AW-RP120 features ten camera selection buttons. Numerical buttons (1-50) on the panel allow retrieval of 50 preset memories and ten tracing memories.


  • Newly designed control panel
  • Smooth Pan/Tilt Control with new joystick
  • Color image adjustment function
  • Flexible System Design by using IP connection and control
  • Storage Setting to SD card
Power Supply
  • DC 12 V
  • Approx. 3. 1 kg (Approx. 6.9 lb)
Dimensions (WxHxD)
  • Approx. 342 mm x 77 mm x 265 mm (Approx. 13-1/2 inches x 3-1/16 inches x 10-7/16 inches) excluding protrusions
  • DC 12 V IN (XLR 4-pin) LAN (RJ-45) 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX, to control remote cameras SERIAL (RJ-45) RS-422, to control remote cameras × 5 TALLY/GPI (D-sub 25-pin) REMOTE (D-sub 9-pin) RS-232C, for external control

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