Carbon Black Screens – Available from Nationwide
Nationwide Video adds Carbon Black Screens to sales offerings. At Infocomm 2021, Nationwide debuted the Christie M 4K25 True RGB laser Projector, Carbon Black Screens, INFiLED DB 2.6 PRO (available soon from NW) and a fantastic display of the Panasonic Kairos.  While everything in the Nationwide booth was catching attendee interest and praise, the Carbon Black Screens seemed to confuse attendees as much as amaze them.

“I can’t tell you how many attendees asked me “what pixel pitch is that?” as they walked up looking at the screen.  After explaining the new Carbon Black screens were not LED and in fact projection screens utilizing carbon nano tubes, most attendees were shocked and intrigued.” said Elias Akouri, Director of Marketing for Nationwide Video.

That is why Nationwide partnered with Carbon Black Technologies to bring this new technology to the show floor. We felt it was imperative that this technology be seen now and could not wait until future events for it’s debut.

“Nationwide becoming a dealer for Carbon Black is significant in that we are The Projection resource for Events, Mapping Projects, Rental and Staging partners, and unique creative solutions using light.  By making Carbon Black screens available, we are giving clients and partners another canvas to add to their creative toolbox.”  said Bret Tracey, President of Nationwide Video.

“We already have a great partnership with AV Stumpfl and the addition of Carbon Black will only expand on the creative tools we offer for clients to deliver their vision.” said Akouri.  “It’s important that attendees understand that Carbon Black is not replacing screens from AV Stumpfl, Dalite or other manufacturers, its a different type of product.  Sure there will be some overlapping uses, but giving our clients choices to create their vision without limitations is what makes us different than others.

For more information about Carbon Black screens or to create a purchase order, contact Nationwide Video 800-935-2323 or