advanced projection screens

Nationwide is your preferred source for CarbonBlack™ Screens.  This unique niche product offers an additional option to expensive LED, for high contrast projection needs.  Our team will work with you to help understand if CarbonBlack™ is an option for your project and provide a seamless process for purchasing your advanced projection screens.

the science

CarbonBlack™ screens are designed utilizing unique surface fibers developed from the latest nanotechnology breakthroughs.  Photons of light from laser projection resonate and amplify within carefully engineered nanotech.  The resulting effect is that each pixel glows at its specific color frequency transforming the screen surface into a kaleidoscope of vivid colors.

the products

CarbonBlack™ is a unique nano-coated projection surface offering an impressive result of greatly enhanced depth of color, vivid contrast, and unparalleled black levels… Bringing projection to the next level.

Use CarbonMesh™ holographic effect screen to create life-like holograms that will excite audiences.  CarbonMesh™ features a super-transparent fiber that renders the screen effectively invisible and allows the viewer to enter a new world in 3D.

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