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Nationwide Video and Sony step up to fill major camera, lens, and accessory gap in Live Events industry


Detroit, MI. (March 27, 2018) — Nationwide Video is taking the live events industry shortage head-on by making a major Investment in Sony Cameras, Cannon, and Fujinon lenses and accessories.

High-quality, well-maintained professional cameras, their lenses, and accessories are extremely hard to come by all year round in the staging industry. In witnessing this shortage and seeing the situation worsen, Nationwide Video is putting a serious dent in this perpetual shortfall.

“Pro stagers may own a pair, a half dozen, or no cameras or glass at all, and for good reason. Cameras, their lenses, and accessories are expensive, and ROI is slow,” says Bret Tracey, President of Nationwide Video. “Stagers need real support by a vendor they can count on that will continuously listen, and then hustle to solve their problem.”

Nationwide Video purchased the Sony HDC-1700L, 3G, fiber, 4K upgradeable “cameras” along with Cannon standard glass, and added several sports lenses ranging from 40X and 80x to 95X.

According to Tracey, Sony, Canon, and Fujinon are brands synonymous with high quality and elite user experience, which is why Nationwide Video chose to invest in their products. “These companies deliver exceptional products and pure quality without cutting corners. Although we are smaller in scale, we strive to deliver that same high-level quality and experience to our customers. Our clients’ success is our highest priority.”

In addition to addressing the camera/lens shortage, Nationwide Video is also heavily stocking LED and laser projection systems to address further rental gear deficits in the industry.

Tracey explains, “We have uniquely positioned ourselves with a monster load of new Absen M2.9 LED tiles with patented quick set/lock aluminum frames, Novastar processing, ground support, headers, distro’s and accessories.

Scott Nayor, Vice President of Business Development, adds “Plus, our technician training courses in LED, Cameras and Switching, and Projection are sold out as fast as we offer them. We have tremendous training flexibility with 11 physical locations in North America, which provides convenient and easy access for the industry pros.

The Christie Crimson WU25 3DLP laser projector, which is the newest, hottest technology in laser projection, also lands at Nationwide Video in early April.

“Christie’s Crimson laser projectors coupled with all of our Panasonic laser units rounded out by a host of 4,000 – 8,000 lumen breakout room projectors allow us to further solve clients’ low-to-high lumen, and small-to-massive volume supplemental gear issues,” says Tracey.

Nayor further adds, “Our purpose is simple… To absolutely, 100% without question serve our clients. By providing complete convenience with our all-encompassing inventory, we alleviate our customers’ headaches in having to track down quality rental products from multiple subrental vendors. In addition, we address real challenges such as their potential CAPEX and resource constraint issues, whether it’s with gear, bodies, education, or even out-of-the box problem solving such as addressing this camera shortage.”

Tracey concludes that this significant investment into subrental equipment for professional event stagers is just one of many yet to come.


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Nationwide Video is a leading wholesale subrental supplier to the rental and staging industry. Its eleven North American locations offer convenience, efficiency and quality with every rental. Nationwide Video provides an expansive and diverse inventory of subrental gear that is quality tested after every show, as well as Technician Training Courses to lift the skillset and education levels of the technicians who operate the gear on show-site. Nationwide Video is committed to delivering trust and confidence with every gear rental and takes great pride in their tagline: We’ve Got Your Gear. We’ve Got Your back. Contact: 1-800-935-2323,,

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