Christie Pandoras Box Player
Pandoras Box Player A versatile combination of intuitive software and specialized hardware 900-100295-XX

The Christie Pandoras Box Player combines the versatility of the software-only solution with a hardware option featuring multiple outputs and graphics power. The Pandoras Box Player is a cost-effective solution perfectly suited for permanent installations and high definition multimedia displays.

With 8 video-layers, 8 FX per layer and unlimited graphic-layers, it is quick and easy to program and arrange content. The Aeon visual effects engine and 4K playback turn the Pandoras Box Player into a powerful tool for creative projection, design and installation projects.

Key features

  • 8 Video Layers
  • Unlimited Graphic Layers
  • 4K Video Playback
  • 8 FX per layer
  • AEON FX Engine
  • Firefly Particle System
  • 2D Compositing Space
  • Single XEON processor
  • NVIDIA Quadro GPU
  • SSD RAID System

Output Channels

  • Quad Output
  • Dual Output
  • Single Output
  • No Output (hardware only)

Hardware Performance Kit

  • PK1 480GB (Raid 1) storage with XEON processor
  • PK2 1.4TB (Raid 5) storage with XEON processor
  • PK3 3.4TB (Raid 5) storage with XEON processor
  • PK4 6.7TB (Raid 5) storage with XEON processor

All Players feature SSD storage and the latest hardware components for maximum stability and performance. All Players include a single Intel XEON processor.

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