Nationwide U 2021 Year End Class Schedule
With the holidays right around the corner its no surprise that we’re all expecting a slight ease of the show and event intensity as we close out the year.   While no one can argue that the last year has been a roller coaster for the industry, one clear fact has remained; that the industry is changing. At Nationwide we’ve been adapting to change, adding more services to support the industry.  Nationwide U has been one of the most successful additions to the NW family.  Through Nationwide U, we’ve formed partnerships to offer manufacturer certified trainings from Disguise, Panasonic, Barco, Pixera, Notch, and more.  This holiday season is the perfect time to add some new skills to your team.  The NWU programs have been getting rave reviews.  Checkout the courses available for the remainder of the year and if adding any to your skillset makes sense, register today. The is Schedule below, and can always be found on