Christie Mystique Install – Pro Venue Edition

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Christie Mystique Install – Pro Venue Edition

Christie® Mystique™ Install – Pro Venue Edition is a camera based automatic warping and blending tool designed to simplify the deployment of multi-projector systems on flat or curved screens and surfaces by allowing users to easily and accurately align content across multiple projectors in minutes. The Pro Venue Edition software can support any number of projectors1 provided the camera can see the entire screen surface. Projectors can be configured in any stacked and blended configuration.

Christie® Mystique™ Install – Pro Venue Edition is the ideal solution to get your blended projection system up and running quickly, letting you focus on the other important aspects of your projects.

Pro Venue Edition works on flat and cylindrical screens.

Christie® Mystique™ Install – Pro Venue Edition is compatible with Christie 3DLP® projectors or Christie® Pandoras Box 6+ media servers. When used in conjunction with Christie 3DLP® projectors, this product can be used in conjunction with any image generator, or content server.

When working with Christie® Pandoras Box 6, Mystique Install can be used to warp and blend any projector2 connected to Pandoras Box.

1The provided camera can supports up to a 3 projector wide 4K configuration, or a 6 projector wide HD projector configuration. 2Blend quality is dependent on the accuracy of color curves of the projectors.

Applications Include:

  • Edge blending & warping
  • Giant screen experiences
  • Projection mapping
  • Projector management
  • Projector stacking

Christie Mystique Projection Mapping System ships with:

  • Laptop Computer
  • Network Switch
  • Software Key – USB
  •  Network Camera
  • Tripod
  • Power Cables
Time to blend and stack
  • System auto-calibrates in less than two minutes per projector
User Interface
  • Microsoft Windows application with step-by-step process and real-time camera feedback
Expanded projection array capabilities
  • Allows more than 12 projectors to be used in a single array where a single camera is able to see all the projected images in its field of view
Screen Type Support
  • Supports flat or cylindrical screens or surfaces
Camera & Lens
  • 5MP Ethernet camera with 5.0mm lens

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