Epiphan Pearl Rackmount Twin

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Epiphan Pearl Rackmount Twin

Epiphan Pearl is rented as a dual streaming recorder kit.

The Epiphan Pearl Rackmount Twin is comprised of two completely independent Pearl live production video mixer systems, with double the inputs and outputs, in a 2 RU form factor. The Pearl Rackmount Twin lets you efficiently capture, switch, stream, and record video. With advanced automatic channel creation and two front panel touchscreen displays, setup is very simple. Simply plug in power and one or two sources to see your captured stream on the displays, connect to a network, and start streaming right away.

With the Pearl Rackmount Twin you can capture four HD sources at the same time via SDI, HDMI, and VGA inputs on each integrated Pearl. You can also use optional adapter cables to capture from DVI and component sources. Audio is captured embedded in SDI and HDMI sources and can also be captured independently via on-board stereo TRS jacks.

The Pearl Rackmount Twin is capable of recording your videos while at the same time outputting up to four 1080p streams at 30 fps, or two 1080p streams at 60 fps from each integrated unit.

The multi-featured front panel touchscreen displays can be used for live switching, confidence monitoring, quick configuration, system information, recording control, and streaming control. They can also display a VU meter with quasi-peak metering. In addition to the touchscreen displays, two Mini DisplayPort connectors are also available per unit for local video output with audio, for confidence monitoring.

Stream your content picture-in-picture, in the supported resolution of your choice, while also recording original, high-quality ISOs for post-processing. For high-density solutions, Epiphan suggests using the Pearl Rackmount Twin with one embedded Pearl doing streaming and the other dedicated to recording ISOs.

  • Capture four HD Sources from each Pearl unit at once
  • Auto or custom-configure
  • Stream to all of your viewers
  • Monitor Video, monitor audio
  • Multi-feature Touchscreens
  • Arrange content into layouts
  • Switch video sources live
  • Record captured streams
  • Stream locally or to set-top boxes
  • Stream to CDNs
  • H.264 MPEG-4 or MJPEG Encoding
  • Fully Synchronized sound to video
  • Record with or without streaming
  • Play files anywhere
  • Recordings remain safe
Nationwide Video Will Ship a 5RU Rack System Containing:
  • Epiphan Pearl™ Rackmount Twin
  • Marshall 7″ Dual Monitor Panel
  • Netgear 10/100 ethernet switch
  • Tripp-Lite 12 outlet rack mounted power strip
  • Custom bulkhead connection panel which will have the following connections:
  • Two (2) RJ45 ethernet
  • Two (2) XLR female panel connections
  • Four (4) HD-SDI panel connections

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