Video Devices PIX-E5 Recorder

5″ 1920 x 1080 Touchscreen Display
Record DCI 4K (4096 x 2160) up to 30 fps
Record 1080p up to 120 fps
Simultaneous 4K ProRes and 1080p H.264
PIX-LR Audio Interface included

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Video Devices PIX-E5 Recorder

Compact and powerful, the Video Devices PIX-E5 5″ 4K Recording Video Monitor can record 4K video over HDMI and 6G-SDI to SpeedDrive SSDs. Not only is the PIX-E5 a powerful recorder, it also has a built-in 5″ 1920 x 1080 resolution touchscreen for monitoring framing, checking focus, and displaying scopes. Our units come standard with the PIX-LR audio interface.

Discerning cinematographers and videographers need high-resolution, color-accurate, sunlight-viewable monitoring with a wide angle of view.

The PIX-E5 monitor excels in every aspect with its IPS, 500 nit, 1920×1080, 441 ppi LCD displays.

PIX-Assist™ Monitoring Tools & Scopes

  • LUTs
  • Waveform Monitor
  • Vectorscope
  • Histogram
  • TapZoom™ (2 to 4x zoom where you touch)
  • Peaking
  • Zebras
  • False Colors
  • Frame Markers
  • Four Way View

Plus Video Assist Playback Tools

  • Add, delete, and locate to cue markers
  • Playback modes: single file, entire file list, custom playlist, etc.
  • Looping: a file, a playlist, or regions between cues


Plus, the 4K-compatible PIX-E5 offers the full range of Apple ProRes codecs including the highest quality Apple ProRes 4444 XQ. This is a 12-bit codec designed to preserve the detail in wide dynamic range imagery captured by today’s high-performance digital image sensors.

PIX-E5 can record 4K up to 30 fps, UHD up to 30 fps and 1080p or 720p up to 120 fps.

The PIX-E5 is also capable of recording H.264, a codec which offers a good balance between compression and quality to reach low data rates and small file sizes, perfect for web streaming, email, and faster file uploads.


SpeedDrive™ Recording and File Delivery

The Pix-E5 records to the innovative, super fast SpeedDrive, a custom designed enclosure for an industry standard mSATA drive. The SpeedDrive doubles as a USB 3.0 thumb drive for very high speed offload to any computer without the need for a special cable or drive docking station.




LCD Size
  • 5-Inch
Resolution & ppi
  • 1920 x 1080, 441 ppi
  • 500 nit
IPS with Gorilla® Glass 2
  • 2x, 4x
  • S-Log 2 & 3, Canon® Log, V-Log, custom LUTs (16x16x16, 17x17x17, 32x32x32 or 33x33x33 .cube)
Peaking Filter
Guide Markers
False Colors
  • 4-step, 12-step
  • Zebras 1, Zebras 2
  • Waveform Monitor Luma (White, Green) RGB (Overlay, Parade), Vectorscope, Histogram Luma (White, Green) RGB (Overlay, Parade), Four-Way Monitoring (Video Feed, Histogram, Vectorscope, WFM)
Anamorphic Desqueeze
  • Sensor Ratio (4x3, 16x9/17x9), Lens Ratio (1.33x, 1.5x, 2x)
4K (UHD, DCI) Max Resolution/Frame Rate 30 fps
HD (1080i, 1080p, 720p) Max Resolution/Frame Rate 120 fps
  • Apple® ProRes Proxy to Apple ProRes 4444 XQ
  • H.264 (VBR ~ 10 Mb/s)
File Transfer to Computer via SpeedDrive™ USB 3.0 interface
  • Enclosure plus approved 240 GB mSATA Solid State Drive
  • Enclosure Only - (compatible with third-party 128 GB to 1 TB mSATA SSDs)
SD Card
  • 6G-SDI, 3G-SDI (level A & B), HDMI
PsF to P
3:2 Pulldown Removal
4K Input to Output Scaling
Automatic 4K-to-1080p scaling for H.264
Max No. Tracks
  • 8
Analog Inputs
  • 2x unbalanced line, 3.5mm, 2x balanced mic/line, XLR (via optional PIX-LR)
Embedded Audio Inputs
  • 8 SDI and 4 HDMI
Headphone Output
Record Start/Stop Flags:
Embedded TC
  • SDI (BNC), HDMI, and LTC (Line In 1 & 2)
TC Out
  • SDI
Power Source EXT DC (10-34V), (optional) 2x Sony L-mount batteries
  • 1 lb (16 oz)
Dimensions (W x H x D)
  • 5.4 in x 3.4 in x 1.6 in (137.1 mm x 86.3 mm x 40.6 mm)

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