Harris Platinum 128×112 3G HD/SDI Router w/ 32×6-Channel Multi-Viewer

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Harris Platinum 128×112 3G HD/SDI Router w/ 32×6-Channel Multi-Viewer

The Harris Platinum 128×112 3G HD/SDI Router w/ 32×6-Channel Multi-Viewer combine a highly robust architecture while providing independent signal paths and crosspoints for audio and video, allowing complete versatility regardless of matrix size. Designed to support high-quality routing of all digital video and audio signals, Platinum MX seamlessly integrates the capabilities of a discrete audio infrastructure in a fully embedded video plant without the need for a secondary audio frame.

World’s First True Embedded Audio Processing Router
Platinum MX combines the best of both high-bandwidth video signal routing and an internal TDM architecture to provide the world’s first embedded audio infrastructure router. By providing parallel signal paths and dedicated, redundant crosspoints for both audio and video within a single frame, Platinum MX is able to demux incoming embedded audio signals internally. All audio within the frame is presented to the ATDM crosspoint, routed independently and discretely, and can be multiplexed within the router into any digital video output. Additionally, utilizing the ATDM crosspoint, Platinum can perform phase reversal, swap, sum and “quiet” breakaway switching of the audio between any discrete or embedded input, and provide gain/level adjustments on a per-channel basis. This ability to process and route both discrete and embedded audio within the Platinum frame eliminates the need for racks of external equipment and saves on space, cabling, troubleshooting, and maintenance.

All the capabilities of a discrete audio infrastructure are now available with the straight-forward wiring of an embedded plant. System designers can now reduce the number of modules and frames, and simplify wiring and system integration tasks while providing enhanced functionality for the end user.

Key Features:

  • Mixed-signal routing (SD, HD, 3 Gb/s and audio)
    • Up to 72×64 video in 5RU (up to 144×128 discrete stereo/audio)
    • Up to 128×128 video in 9RU (up to 256×256 discrete stereo/audio)
  • Independent signal paths and crosspoints for video and audio
  • Optional eight-channel frame sync input card for wild feed ingest and audio shuffling, as well as demultiplexing of up to 16 channels of embedded audio in each video stream
  • Modular I/O in groups of eight provides support for either coaxial or fiber connectivity
  • Front-loading, hot-swappable modules for 24/7 operation
  • Redundant power supplies, controllers, and signal paths
  • Mux/demux audio processing support
    • Mux/demux 16 channels of audio per video stream
    • Full mono breakaway audio routing support
    • Seamless integration between demultiplexed and discrete audio
    • Multiplex 16 channels of audio into each video output
  • Enhanced control and monitoring
    • Wide range of hardware control panels
    • Powerful control integration for easy setup and configuration
    • Software and web-based applications with user-configurable GUIs
    • Protocol support for Magellan CCS, SNMP, and third-party vendors
    • Secure access rights with restrictions by level, source and destination
  • Video routing support
    • 1080p (3 Gb/s) signal routing (any size)
    • Almost any digital video signal from 3 Mb/s to 3 Gb/s including: HD-SDI, SD-SDI, ASI, SMPTE 310, SMPTE 305, etc.
    • SMPTE-compliant analog video supported via conversion to/from SD-SDI on I/O
  • Discrete audio routing support
    • Digital audio signals including balanced and unbalanced AES
    • Analog stereo/mono audio via conversion to/from AES on I/O modules
    • Support for up to 16 embedded AES streams per video input
    • “Quiet switch” with transitions


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