Analog Way LiveCore Output Expander 48 – LOE048

Expansion module gives 4 additional Program outputs and 1 Operator/Aux output for Ascender 48

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Analog Way LiveCore Output Expander 48 – LOE048

LiveCore™ Output Expander 48 at a glance:
> 4 Program outputs
> 1 independent Operator/Aux output
> Full Preview off any sources of the linked chassis (Preview/Mosaic/Monitoring)
> Customization of monitoring layouts/Aux ouput (up to 8 templates stored)
> 6 true-Seamless scaled layers + 1 native background per output
> Advanced Layer Management
> Rotation capability in output (90 degrees)
> Outstanding visual effects
> Ruggedized and heavy duty design
> Additive modularity

Key features:
• 4 outputs with 5 output plugs
• Up to 6 true-Seamless scaled layers per screen
• Independent Native Background
• 50 frames + 50 Logos nonvolatile memory bank
• Frames and Logos : fully resizable
• True A/B mix 
• Output capability up to 2560×1600 and 4K
• Customizable 5th output with 4-display options: Full Preview, Live Mosaic, Monitoring and Recording
• Display configurations :Mixer, Hybrid, Hard Edge & Soft Edge
• Additive modularity: Combine one ASC4806 with one LOE048 to share/add inputs & outputs up to 12×8
• Layer border : Edge/Smooth/Shadow/Smooth Edge (Edge : color/width/height)
• New tools box for layers: Transitions, Effects, Speed, Timing, Faders, Strobe, Mirror,…
• Numerous effects : Cut, Dissolve, Slide, Wipe, Stretch, Circle, Depth, Flip, Flying Curve, Background Cut, Transparency, Luma/Chroma Key, DSK
• New Web-based Remote Control Software for multiple users : Web RCS
• Remote tools
• Remote Services

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