About Us

Hi, Bret here, President of Nationwide Video (NWV). I want to personally thank you for taking a look at us. You’ve obviously landed on the “About Us” page… which is actually about you, the Pro Stager.

NWV is a wholesale subrental company that provides Pro AV grade rental equipment to Pro AV Staging companies, with daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly rentals.

We will never compete with you. We align with you. The gear you need must be show-ready, organized, and affordable. Why? You have to deliver your clients vision, and we make sure that your rental gear is ready to do just that.

Whether you need additional gear to supplement your own inventory, or whether you need something that you don’t own, we are here to fill in the gaps. Our mission is to serve as an extension of your business, your warehouse, your inventory, and even as a relief to your annual capital expenditures (capex).

Our mission ultimately is to make life easier on you. Our tagline is “We’ve Got Your Gear. We’ve Got Your Back.” Here’s how:

  • House all the top brands and loaded models. With our depth of inventory, we offer you choices.
  • Super solid rental rates – daily, weekly, monthly or yearly rentals
  • Freight free standard ground shipping in the U.S. since 1999
  • 11 Locations in key event cities all over North America.
  • We’re available every day of the year, any time of day.
  • No gimmicks, no hidden costs.
  • Coolest group of industry-experienced support staff that you’ll ever want to work with. We are your “AV Seals”.
  • We ship to you at your facility or direct to show site utilizing elite freight services, long haul and locals.
  • We set the quality standard for wholesale subrental gear… Changed an industry.

I can’t stress enough that what we do is about you. We are relentless at providing the highest quality rental gear so you can sleep at night and have total peace of mind. Our Subrental gear performs like you do – 100% A-game.

When it comes to our techs, we want you to know and trust that they thought about you when they QC’d that piece of gear. They’ve been in your shoes and understand exactly how important it is to pack the gear flawlessly, just like you did it yourself. No gear is shipped show-to-show and it’s Live-performance ready, organized, operating on spec, clean, QC’d and most importantly, ready to go.

Know that your call for a single lens rental gets the same attention as five 53’ foot semi’s headed to the super bowl. And don’t hesitate to ask a question that seems off grid, or to offer a thought that will improve our game for you. We like feedback.

Further, our team respects the end-client line in the sand. It’s your show and your show site as well as your clients. We are in the shadows ready if and when you need us. Simply put we’re your teammates. You bring us into the fold by renting our gear, and we put your jersey on and have your back. That’s that. There’s no grey area.

You have my personal guarantee that our team has their head focused on you and the gear that you need to make your end client’s expectations a reality.

You will be treated with the respect you deserve, and will receive relentless support. We do whatever is needed so you’re ready to go for your clients.

In closing, I want to send a huge shout out to every stager who has ever rented gear from us. We’re surely not a fit for everybody, nor do we try to be. But if you have ever thought about trying us out… We’re ready when you’re ready. A ton of stagers think we’re the right fit for them, and we are more than grateful for every single opportunity we are given to serve and support our clients.




Nationwide Video… We’ve Got Your Gear. We’ve Got Your back.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us


Freight-free shipping

We offer freight-free ground shipping on standard shipping scenarios within the continental U.S.  Our gear cases are uniquely packed to make load-in and strike faster and easier for you. Plus, it helps avoid missing equipment billing you see from other wholesalers months after the event.

Technical Training

We understand that repeat business is your goal and that you shine when everything goes off as planned. Being prepared is the key element in making that happen. Being well versed on the latest technologies dramatically increases your chances for success, and we are here to share our knowledge with you. We have the advantage of being in the shop all day, quality-checking the latest technologies over and over again… that helps us find the strengths and challenges in existing and new products. Contact us for training opportunities.

Re-sale equipment

From time to time, we discontinue rental on gear to make room for new inventory. The retired equipment is still in very good working condition and is available for purchase at discounted prices. Contact us for a list of equipment available for purchase.

Support and service

Nationwide is a service company. We are not just a drop-ship subrental gear company. We have very experienced former field techs answering your calls. Our service department staff make up more than 50% of our manpower. Our equipment service staff members are well-trained and readily available 24/7/365 to walk through a future event with you or an immediate challenge happening at a show site. We want to partner with you and be a part of the solution for your event needs.

Rental equipment

LCD and DLP® projection and lensing, SD and HD camera’s, camera sport lenses, heavy duty tripods, LED, MicroTiles®, switching racks, engineering racks, switching-edge blending systems, routing, DVI fiber, lighting consoles and Mac Playback Pro systems – the list is endless and growing.

What We Do


We are determined to provide you with the absolute best customer service in our industry. You can reach us any hour of the day, any day of the year. We offer freight-free shipping in the continental U.S. and we bend over backwards to provide you with non-stop customer support. That’s how we roll.


We carry an extensive lineup of Pro AV subrental gear to power your entire event including audio, video, LED, lighting, computers, monitors, cameras, switchers… and all of the optional accessories that you need.


Looking to get technically trained on current technology? Come to one of our Technician Training Courses. Taught by industry experts, these hands-on training courses currently cover LED Walls, Advanced Projection, and Camera & Switching Fundamentals.

Quality Control

We are relentless about QC, and have set the standard in the industry. Every piece of gear is quality tested after every single rental, and no piece of gear is shipped from show to show. Ever.




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