our story, from rental to full circle.

For over 20 years Nationwide has brought unmatched quality gear to the staging and events world. With just one call, you can rent or purchase new gear all backed by the Nationwide service & expertise you know and trust.

We will never compete with you. We align with you. Offering 360 degree pro-stager service. The gear you need must be show-ready, organized, and affordable. Why? You have to deliver your clients vision, and we make sure that your gear is ready to do just that.

  • Unparalleled Rental Inventory
  • Client Training Courses
  • Exceptional Service
  • LED Repair Service
  • Nationwide Case
  • New Equipment & Accessory Sales
  • Equipment Financing

what we do.

rental equipment

Projection and lensing, HD and 4K camera’s, sport lenses, robotic camera, LED, switchers, routers, media servers, signal and power cable, laptops, mixers, speaker, lighting fixtures and consoles – the list is endless and growing.

equipment sales

Maybe you have gear you take out so often, it makes more sense to own it. Makes sense to us, we get it and we want to help. We put our long-standing relationships with top manufacturers to work. With the Nationwide you have access to manufacturers like Panasonic, Christie, INFiLED, and more. Your get the same pricing and warranty, plus the added value of receiving your equipment show ready.

support & service

Nationwide is a service company. We are not just a drop-ship subrental gear company. We have very experienced former field techs answering your calls. Our service department staff make up more than 50% of our manpower. Our equipment service staff members are well-trained and readily available 24/7/365 to walk through a future event with you or an immediate challenge happening at show site. We want to partner with you and be a part of the solution for your event needs.

technical education

We understand that repeat business is your goal and that you shine when everything goes off as planned. Being prepared is the key element in making that happen. Being well versed on the latest technologies dramatically increases your chances for success, and we are here to share our knowledge with you. We have the advantage of being in the shop all day, quality-checking the latest technologies over and over again… that helps us find the strengths and challenges in existing and new products. Contact us for training opportunities.

nationwide case

We have built our reputation on quality gear and the great extent we go to ensure it gets to you the right way. For 20+ years we’ve been perfecting case design and now you can get all that expertise packed into a case for the gear you own. Nationwide Case offers a wide range of standard options as well as custom builds to suit your needs.



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