Brompton Tessera S8 4K LED Video Processor
The Tessera S8 is an ideal solution for anyone seeking the flexibility of Brompton's renowned Tessera feature set and user-friendly software interface.

Brompton Tessera S8 4K LED Video Processor


Designed to cater to sophisticated projects without the need for extensive output capacity, Brompton Technology presents the Tessera S8 LED processor, an ideal solution for high-profile endeavors seeking the flexibility of Brompton’s renowned Tessera feature set and user-friendly software interface.

Complementing the acclaimed Tessera SX40, this mid-range LED processor delivers exceptional performance, harnessing all of Brompton’s groundbreaking Tessera processing features, including HDR, Dynamic Calibration, Extended Bit Depth, HFR+ (High Frame Rate), and Frame Remapping. Moreover, the Stacking feature facilitates centralized control of multiple processors.

Featuring comprehensive support for full 4K60 input, the Tessera S8 boasts eight 1G outputs, each capable of handling 525K pixels at 60Hz with 8 bits per color, alongside a zero-latency up/down scaler ensuring seamless alignment of the source with the screen.

With the provision of full HD output and closed-loop redundancy, the Tessera S8 emerges as the preferred choice for rental companies seeking to optimize their offerings for budget-conscious events, making it an indispensable asset in the realm of elegant yet cost-effective projects.


Pushing boundaries further, the Tessera S8 LED processor achieves an unprecedented industry-leading end-to-end latency of just 2 frames. Now, with ultra-low latency, this figure diminishes to a mere 1 frame, streamlining the synchronization of live action with visual effects, virtual sets, and cameras.

Unlocking new possibilities, HFR+ (High Frame Rate) empowers users to showcase video content on an LED screen at speeds of up to 250 fps (frames per second). This advancement delivers remarkably smoother motion, mitigates motion artifacts in fast-moving content, and minimizes input lag, facilitating the display of content on-screen with unparalleled swiftness.


Setting up your show is a breeze with the Tessera S8, thanks to a host of potent features tailored for fixture configuration:

– Quick Association offers a swift and effortless method to link numerous fixtures to your processor.

– Pixel Mapping grants freedom in placing and rotating fixtures to 0˚ / 90˚ / 180˚ / 270˚, irrespective of cabling order.

– Sub-fixture support ensures precise control and management of individual components.

Additional information

PHYSICAL (WxHxL) 19” x 3.486” x 8.25” Rear width: 16.75”
WEIGHT 8.16lbs
ELECTRICAL Switched autoranging power supply 100 – 240V AC 50Hz – 60Hz 0.4 – 0.2A PowerCON TRUE1 locking connector with through port for daisy-chaining power (16A maximum)
INPUTS One 10G Tessera Protocol copper input for connection from SX40 Supports Neutrik etherCON Cat 6A / etherCON (CAT5e) connectors Compatible with standard Cat6A / Cat5e RJ45 connectors Requires Cat6A cable (up to 60m) or Cat5e cable (upto 30m) One 10G Tessera Protocol fibre input for connection from SX40 Supports Neutrik opticalCON DUO / DUO ARMORED / DUO X-TREME / DUO LITE connectors Compatible with standard LC-Duplex connectors Requires 1310nm, 9/125um single-mode fibre (up to 2KM) with PC or UPC connectors 10G Tessera Protocol thru for daisy-chaining of up to five additional XDs with shared bandwidth Auto-switching between fibre and copper Thru port auto-switches independently from input
OUTPUTS 10 x 1G Tessera Protocol output ports for connection to fixtures Neutrik etherCON connectors, compatible with standard RJ45 Each 1G output is capable of 525K pixels at 8bpc, 60Hz Pixel capacity per 1G port scales according to selected bit depth and framerate
FRONT PANEL Capacitive touch LCD display

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