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Christie AirScan Bring projects to life with touch free control 157-128108-XX

With Christie AirScan, you can easily bring your projects to life on any surface, from an LED video wall to a projection screen or even a concrete wall. AirScan adds a new dimension to your interactive multimedia displays and presentation solutions with motion-controlled user interfaces. Combine AirScan with Widget Designer and create opportunities to interact with digital content in ways that aren’t possible with traditional displays.

With AirScan control interfaces you can design and integrate interactive displays that let you navigate menu-based multimedia presentations in any environment. You can trigger actions to happen, or move and interact with virtual objects in presentations, like the technology museums use for educational purposes or in interactive theme park experiences.

As part of a Pandoras Box playback solution, you can control live presentations from any distance and project onto any size of screen, with no mouse or pointing device required.

Large-scale scanning range

Set up touch-free solutions for applications of almost any size. AirScan works up to 30-feet (10m) and features up to 24 touch-points.

Advanced motion stabilizing

Use advanced input devices on large-scale displays with the built-in motion stabilizer for high-speed processing and damping of the sensor motion data.

Dynamic-gesture menu programming

With Widget Designer, you can quickly customize interactive displays by setting up unlimited menu page configurations and gesture-controlled actions.


  • Advanced motion prediction & damping
  • Large-scale scanning range up to 30-feet (10m)
  • 24 multi-touch points
  • Tangible user interface object (TUIO) support
  • Dynamic-gesture programming (requires Widget Designer PRO)

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