Christie Widget Designer
Widget Designer Advanced control surface creation framework for customized show control 900-100251-XX

The Christie Widget Designer is an advanced control surface creation framework that lets you create dedicated user interfaces and interaction logic by connecting visual control components.

A rich feature-set for visual node-based programming allows users to create customized show-control scenarios. Adding simple scripting makes programming more efficient and powerful. With its intuitive interface, even non-programming specialists are able to create truly immersive interactive experiences.

With the embedded node programming environment users can route and set up almost any possible control scenario. Easily interact with sensors and data sources to route input data to any other output protocol such as Art-Net, Midi/MSC, TCP/UDP, DMX or RS-232/-422 devices.

The Widget Designer interface is based on HTML-5 and features the possibility to style and manipulate complete pages or single widgets due to internally used CSS3 styles.


  • Web server – the integrated web server, which also drives the native Widget Designer interface, can publish all created pages to external browsers on any kind of device.
  • Unlimited web-clients option – the web server can host multiple sessions of Widget Designer.
  • Composite nodes – a compilation of numerous nodes can be integrated in a reusable custom node for further use.
  • Multiple windows – with multiple windows, one can split the technical backend for triggering the show from another window which is remotely driven.
  • Scripting language – a versatile but simple and easy to learn scripting language opens up another level of possibilities.
  • Pandoras Box integration – the Widget Designer can be directly used as a sequence device as part of the Pandoras Box GUI.
  • External Devices / Protocols – make use of an extensive amount of supported protocols and external devices.

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