DTVideoLabs Playback Pro Plus
PlaybackPro sets the standard for full high-definition and standard definition playback.

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  • Easily understandable Preview and Program paradigm.
  • Clip ordering and play-listing, printable to paper and PDF.
  • Resolution agnostic playback of virtually any file type by adding easy to find QuickTime Components.
  • Automatically adjusts to the output resolution and aspect ratio. Content can be in any ratio (4:3, 16:9, etc.) and has infinite adjustability through sizing, stretching and cropping.
  • Plugs directly into high-resolution switchers via DVI or VGA.
  • Can utilize files on a high-speed RAID array or media network. With enough disk bandwidth, it’s capable of resolutions far beyond HD.
  • Uses a document-based architecture. Multiple shows can be created and switched between.
  • Video of any type can be captured with the included RecordPro application, in conjunction with any QuickTime-compatible capture device.
  • DVD video can easily be extracted with third party software, producing a significantly higher quality than when recording into another device (and finally fixes all of the issues with DVD playback in a professional environment).
  • Online backups are easily created utilizing the file system and networking capabilities of the operating system for ease of use and no generational loss.
  • Ideal for use in ultra-widescreen applications.
  • Gives complete control of each clip’s levels, including gain, black level, saturation, gamma and volume.
  • Clean clip aborting by fading out audio and video.
  • Full start and end point controls, with easy fade-in and fade-out settings.
  • Clear time-elapsed and time-remaining counters for accurate countdowns.
  • Selectable slate frames for visual reference.
  • Convenient ‘Goto 10’, ‘Goto 20’ and ‘Goto 30’ buttons for use during rehearsal cue-to-cues.
  • Created specifically for live environments by video professionals.

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