INFiLED EZ Series LED Tiles
Ultra-lightweight, quick installation, and easy maintenance are just a few of the awesome features of the INFiLED EZ Series LED Tiles.

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INFiLED EZ Series LED Tiles

With the INFiLED EZ Series LED Tiles your team can get hands access to an affordable rental staging solution.  This series features:
  • Ultra-Lightweight: Portable handle design makes it easy to carry. Die-cast aluminum cabinet weighs only 12 pounds.
  • Quick Installation: The positioning pin and magnets help with accurate and fast panel adjustment ensuring seamless screen assembly.
  • Easy Maintenance: The module can be easily removed with the vacuum suction tool. The module can be directly pushed out from the back for quick maintenance as well.
  • Bottom Protection Design: The panel can stand on the ground at an angle to avoid direct contact.
  • Curve System Available: The built-in adjustment angle design can adjust the concave and convex bend from -5 to 10 degrees.
Pixel Pitch: ranging from 1.56 MM to 3.91 MM

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