Panasonic AG-DVX200 Professional Camera Recorder
Panasonic AG-DVX200 4K Professional Camera Recorder - Camcorder

The Panasonic AG-DVX200 debuts as the world’s first*1 4/3-type large format camcorder with integrated zoom lens. Combining digital video technology that Panasonic has developed over its long history of producing broadcast equipment with its expertise in professional camera recorder, the AG-DVX200 blazes an entirely new trail in video production.
This new camera recorder captures stunning images with the shallow focus and attractive Bokeh effect of its 4/3-type large-format sensor, and the latitude made possible by the 12-stop V-Log L processing inherited. High-speed processing of these high resolution images by a new 4K engine enables high-quality, multi-format (4K/24p, UHD/60p, FHD/60p) recording.

The AG-DVX200 also features a number of functions to meet professional video production needs, including Full-HD, 120-fps Variable Frame Rate(VFR) shooting and dual codec recording. And it integrates a newly developed LEICA DICOMAR 4K 13x zoom lens. High-speed, high-precision full-auto functions and professional-level manual functions provide operating ease and mobility that are possible only from a lens-integrated body. It supports wireless remote control and preview from iPad to enhance remote operation.*2
The crimson red coloring and stylish carbon-black textured body form a highly impressive and innovative design, in response to the artistic sensibility of video creators. This color scheme also reflects the expressive capability of the AG-DVX200’s vividly detailed 4K images together with its superb mobility and intuitively easy operation, supporting the everyday demands of active professionals.

  • *1: For a lens-integrated 4K/60p camera recorder with a 4/3-type sensor. (As of August 2015, according to a Panasonic survey.)
  • *2: Installation of a Wireless Module (AJ-WM30 (sold separately) or ASUS USB-N53 (Ver.A1) (sold separately) is required. With iPad, iOS7.1, iOS8.1, iOS9 are supported. Preview is possible with sub-recording (8Mbps) of dual codec recording is supported. The firmware in the camera recorder may need to be updated.
  • • The use of DCF Technologies is under license from Multi-Format, Inc.
  • • App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc.
  • • Apple, the Apple logo, and iPad are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.


High Image Quality
  • New 4/3-type Sensor for Beautiful Bokeh Effects and 4K Resolution
  • 4K Engine with High-Speed Processing on a New LSI
  • UHD/60p High-Resolution, High-Speed Full-Frame Recording
  • Variable Frame Rate HD Recording at Max. 120 fps
  • 12 stops of Latitude from V-Log L
  • High-Quality 4K (UHD) 10 bit 4:2:2 Image Output
  • Infrared Shooting Function
  • Newly Developed Integrated Optical 13x Zoom Lens
  • Intelligent AF
  • Advanced Hand-Shake Correction
  • Triple Manual Ring
  • ND Filters, Gain, White Balance
Multi-Format/Multi-Codec Recording
  • Multi-Format/Multi-Codec Recording
  • SD Memory Card U3 Standard for 4K Acquisition
  • Double SD Card Slot Boosts Recording Reliability
  • Dual Codec Recording
  • Other Recording Functions
  • Digital Audio 2-Channel Recording
Flexible Operations
  • High-Quality OLED EVF
  • 4.3-type Touch Panel LCD
  • Focus Assist Functions
  • LCD/EVF Displays That Assist Shooting
  • Scene Files, User Files
  • User Buttons
  • Various Covers to Increase Mobility and Safety
  • HDMI/SDI/VIDEO Image Output
  • XLR Mic/Audio Input (2 Channels)
  • AG ROP iPad App for Wireless Remote Control
  • Other Interfaces and Equipment


Live Video Streaming System

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