Panasonic PT-MZ880 Series LCD Laser Projector
Panasonic PT-MZ880 Flexible and cost-efficient LCD laser projector New LCD Laser Projectors Deliver Well-Balanced Color and Brightness with Seamless Integration into Corporate, Education, and Museum Environments

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The Panasonic PT-MZ880 Series features PT-MZ880 (8,000 lm), PT-MZ780 (7,000 lm), and PT-MZ680 (6,000 lm) WUXGA models with a refined Multi-Laser Drive Engine for the optimal balance of high brightness, vivid color, and low-maintenance operation.

• Well-Balanced Picture Quality
Refined optical engine balances brightness and color for vivid images without turning the lights off. Detail Clarity Processor 4, Dynamic Contrast, and Daylight View Basic optimize display to suit content and environment.

• Flexible Design Fits Any Space
Unobtrusive cabinet design, 26 dB*2 operation, DIGITAL LINK and CEC-compatible HDMI®
supporting 4K signals*3, and optional lenses*4 including new ET-ELU20 Ultra-Short-Throw
Zoom Lens*5 help integrate the projector in your space. Edge Blending, Geo Pro*6, Contrast
Sync, and Shutter Sync enhance flexibility for immersive visual performance in museums.

• Efficient Eco-Friendly Reliability
Energy consumption is reduced by about 20 %*7 to meet your organization’s CSR policy
commitments. Multi-Laser Drive Engine*8 and reusable*9 Eco Filter extend maintenance to
20,000 hours*10 with Early Warning software*11 reducing waste and enhancing system reliability.

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