Shure ULXD4D H50 Rack of Eight Dual Receievers (16 Channels)
Nationwide Video's Shure ULXD4 - H50 Mic Kit is perfect to equip any speaker with wireless microphone capabilities at your next event.

Nationwide Video’s Shure ULXD4 – H50 Rack of Eight Dual Receivers includes the following:

8 Shure ULXD4D H50 Dual Channel Digital Wireless Receiver w/ power cords
1 Furman PL Plus DMC Power Conditioner
1 Netgear 16 Port Switch w/ power cord
8 Ethernet 5 ft. shielded cat 5 cables
1 Shure UA845 Antenna Distribution System w/ power cord
16 Shure RG58C/U (UA802) 50 Ohm, 2ft to 3ft. BNC Coaxial Cables
2 Shure Active Directional Antennas (UA874US) 470–698 MHz (Paddles)
2 Shure RG-8/X (UA850) 50 Ohm 50 ft. BNC Coaxial Cable
16 Shure ULXD2 H50 Handheld Transmitter w/SM58Ò Cardioid Mic
16 Shure Microphone Clip stand adapters WA371
16 Shure ULXD1 H50 Transmitter Belt pack w/¼ wave antenna (Gray tip)
16 Shure WL184 lavalier mic w/supercardioid cartridge, snap-fit RK183WS windscreen & RK183T1 tie clip
16 Spare Foam windscreens RK261WS
32 Shure Rechargeable SB900 Batteries
2 Shure SBC200 Double bay Battery Charger w/PS45US power supply & cord
1 Operation Guides/Manuals

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