Nationwide University Revamp

Nationwide Video has been offering technician training since it’s inception in various disciplines such as LED display configuration, cameras and camera switching, projection, and more. These classes have been primarily offered to production companies and current existing customers of Nationwide Video.

We are proud to now be offering our popular training classes to freelancers and all technicians. Not only that, but Nationwide Video is now partnering with the manufacturers directly to offer official, manufacturer certified training courses for a wide variety of products.

Heading up this endeavor is Kevin Ring, who is now acting as the National Training Manager for the newly rebranded “Nationwide University”. Kevin has acted as a certified trainer for many years, and has taught courses including disguise Media Servers, Barco Event Master Toolset, Absen LED, Novastar LED Processing, and many more.

“Training is a critical aspect of the live-event industry. As customer’s needs expand, the AV Industry must adopt new technologies and workflows to meet these expectations. Historically training has always occurred “in the field”, but with Nationwide University we are able to ensure that production companies are comfortable and competent with the newest technology, and can always exceed the needs and wants of their customer. These trainings are just another offering of Nationwide Video’s many services for our full 360 degree approach to customer service.”

-Kevin Ring

Nationwide University will be offering public training courses throughout the year. Classes will be available at Nationwide U’s main campus in Irvine, California, and will also be offered at the other 10 Nationwide offices throughout North America.

In addition to public courses, all training programs are available as private training courses and can be hosted at either the customer’s location or at one of the many Nationwide offices. Customized courses are available as well.¬† To see current scheduled classes please visit the course schedule on the Nationwide site.