Quince Imaging has always had an affinity for new technology and forward-thinking practices with impressive execution. We had the privilege of catching up with Eric Gazzillo, VP of Innovation at Quince Imaging, and discussing the Christie Griffyn 4K50 Projectors and how it fits into their strategy in the long-term.

NW: Can you tell us a little bit about Quince Imaging and the industries that you serve?

Of course! Founded in 1997, Quince Imaging is an innovative experiential display and design firm headquartered near Washington, D.C. Integrating a unique combination of creativity, technical process management, and unmatched expertise in broadcast video systems, 3D projection mapping, LED video walls, and creative content production—Quince Imaging has a reputation for providing technologically innovative, awe-inspiring immersive solutions for live events and permanent installations globally. Quince Imaging’s loyal client base spans a diverse spectrum of markets, including professional and collegiate sports and Esports teams and venues, corporate, government, labor unions, associations, and global outreach organizations.


NW: In those markets, it seems like there’s an expectation to be pushing boundaries and constantly raising the bar. What kinds of things are you doing as a company to keep growing your abilities and offerings?

We’re very diligent in hiring and retaining the best talent in supporting categories as well as being intentional about diversifying into growing markets like Themed Entertainment and Transportation. We also value our team and are constantly developing by training on advanced systems.

Another way we raise the bar is by expanding beyond ourselves and developing strong partnerships with manufacturers & associations. We know that collaboration creates an even stronger sum of the parts.

We’ve also been very devoted to early adoption of new technology. In particular, we’ve been focusing in and pushing forward in the RGB Laser Projector space.

NW: I’m glad you mentioned RGB Laser Projectors. You’re one of the first in the industry to invest in the Christie Griffyn 4K50s. How do those projectors play into your strategy going forward?

At Quince we’ve always prioritized the highest quality visual images. Our investment with Christie along with Nationwide’s investment in RGB laser projection will help pave the way for what’s to come in not only brightness but also color fidelity. When we made this investment, we knew that we would be able to confidently say that these projectors make our projects the brightest in North America while also producing the most visual punch and color rich experiences that can be produced today.

NW: From our point of view, we see Quince Imaging as a company who is really driving the industry forward. Can you tell us about some of the groundbreaking things you have been working on lately?

The Quince team debuted Zelus, our cutting-edge fan engagement tech for the National Hockey League, in collaboration with the Washington Capitals. It’s a way to give fans the chance to dive into game stats like never before! Zelus leverages the NHL’s advanced stats database to project real-time data on the ice during intermissions with stunning augmented visuals.


We also had the privilege of working on a Día de los Muertos event at the National Portrait Gallery–a marquee cultural heritage celebration held annually in Washington, DC. This year showcased talented artists MasPaz and Guache Art. The Quince team was on hand for the third year, illuminating the gallery walls using our Christie Digital Systems Griffin 4k50 projectors to display the artists’ live video artwork, “La Común Unidad: Caminando con los Ancestros,” highlighting the artists’ ancestral cultural heritage.

Another opportunity in the sports world, we worked on a stunning reveal of University of Missouri-Columbia Mizzou basketball team’s new projection mapping system using the power of four Christie Griffyn 4k35-RGB projectors, PIXERA media servers, and Quince’s custom 3D content, our teams created an unforgettable game presentation that left both players and fans in awe during the season home opener.


Lastly, we were involved in Celebrating Success in Seoul! We’re thrilled to have played a role in the most-watched global event in e-sports history for the RIOT Worlds Championship. Our partnership with RIOT Games over the past six World Championship Series has been a truly humbling and unforgettable experience. Thanks to our team for dedicating a month in South Korea to execute this extraordinary event and to technology partners Ventuz Technology & AV Stumpfl Pixera for helping us bring the magic to life. Together, we’ve transformed imaginative concepts into awe-inspiring experiences!



NW: Where do you see the industry going in the future? Do you have any predictions for what we might see in the next couple months/years?

We’re anticipating an increase in the quantity of events. From our perspective, 2023 was a reset to pre 2019 norms as production firms reset on what the future of live production will be. We have also seen many firms that have over invested in COVID error technology that are no longer paying out. We confidently believe that 2024 will be the year that we remember the value of the live event experience, and this will lead to a large demand and boom in experiential technology.

NW: Do you have advice for younger people or people who are new to the industry that may be the industry leaders 5-10 years from now?

Definitely! Product-specific training media servers and control systems are in high demand and add value to all market segments. Those are invaluable skillsets that you can add to your resume and start seeing real return immediately. Our other word of advice would be to learn to be flexible and open to different opportunities. New opportunities are great chances to enhance your career and learn new skills that will follow you wherever you go.

NW: What’s on the horizon for Quince Imaging?

Quince is strategically expanding, having launched two focused divisions in the past year targeting the underserved markets of Themed Entertainment and Transportation. We see significant growth potential in these areas and are poised to lead with our innovative visual technologies and creative solutions. Experiential technology has grown beyond what can be provided in a temporary activation or rental and has become a permanent part of infrastructures.

We also remain dedicated to projection mapping, LED technology, and broadcast video for live sports and events across the globe, where our advanced systems play a pivotal role in delivering unparalleled visual experiences. Our commitment ensures that we will keep setting the standard for excellence, illuminating events with the most vibrant and cutting-edge visuals available.

And as always, our initiative is: Painting the world with Pixels!

NW: Quince and Nationwide Video have been long term partners, a partnership that we value tremendously. Can you talk a bit about how you leverage Nationwide?

From our point of view, Quince Imaging and Nationwide Video have worked together for many years to help set current and future broadcast video and projection standards. This partnership helps each organization to better the industry and quality of video production and projection mapping. In addition, Nationwide has exceptional customer support, on-site logistics, and rigorous quality control, ensuring we have seamless integration with our systems. With Nationwide as a partner, we can concentrate on our projects’ creative and technical aspects, confident that we have reliable support to scale for some of the world’s largest projects.

NW: Where can we find your work and stay in touch with you online?



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