A Discussion With National Experiential C.O.O Eric Davis

National Experiential is one of the nation’s premier experiential marketing agencies, revolutionizing the way brands connect and engage with their audience. They blend technology and creativity to produce immersive experiences that leave a lasting impact. From corporate events to entertainment spectacles, they use cutting-edge visuals to tell captivating stories. Whether it’s turning buildings into living art or sending hundreds of drones into the sky to create an animation, National Experiential pushes boundaries to connect with audiences on an unparalleled level. Through their innovative work, they’ve become a trailblazer in the world of experiential storytelling, leaving a memorable impression on anyone who gets to enjoy their remarkable craft.

I had the chance to chat with National Experiential’s COO Eric Davis. Eric told us about his relationship with Nationwide Video and his go-to guy, Randy Mach. “Randy, is our point person. He’s our guy – our guru. He makes it a point to have personal relationships with every single one of the people that I have on my team that handle rental, leasing and subrental in this case as well. So, he really is a guy that does a good job of creating great relationships with the people within our company.”

Not a stranger to great relationships, National Experiential has established some incredible relationships with partners from all over the entertainment & advertising industry. They have crafted stunning projects with Disney Studios, Marvel Studios, Spotify and Amazon just to name a few. “Making dreams come to life is at the core of what a lot of these companies do and we know that requires a great deal of teamwork.” We asked Eric to discuss teamwork and the relationship that has developed with Nationwide over the years: “In our line of work, relationships are paramount, and when it comes to building connections, Nationwide has truly excelled. It’s not just about the standard nine-to-five availability; it’s the assurance that we can reach out anytime and receive a prompt response. In some ways, our business is very unconventional, and Nationwide meets our crazy, which is great.”

At the heart of National Experiential’s success is a dedicated team of skilled artists, engineers, and designers collaborating seamlessly to turn concepts into reality. Their passion for innovation drives them to create unique moments that engage all the senses. By blending technical expertise with artistic flair, they bring events to life that resonate with audiences of all ages. National Experiential’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with sensory-driven experiences sets them apart in the industry. With a track record of transforming ordinary spaces into extraordinary stages and delivering awe-inspiring performances, National Experiential continues to be a driving force in shaping the future of audiovisual entertainment, experiential advertising, marketing and storytelling.

If you’re interested in speaking with National Experiential about a brand activation, let us know and we’ll connect you with Eric’s team or feel free to visit nationalexperiential.com to see more of their work and learn more.

If you would like to get in touch with Nationwide Video to get gear for your next event or activation, reach out at 800.935.2323 or info@subrent.com.