Best of Miami Award for Best Art Activation – A3 Visual Wins!

A3 Visual Wins Best of Miami Award for Best Art Activation!

A Dazzling Collaboration with Coral Morphologic and Light Harvest Studio.

Miami is renowned for its vibrant art scene. Readers Choice Awards recently celebrated the Best of Miami awards recognizing outstanding achievements in art. One of the standout winners was A3 Visual, an AV industry leader, which received the Best Art Activation award for extraordinary collaboration with Coral Morphologic and Light Harvest Studio. We wanted to share and recognize their award and shed light on the project that captured the hearts and minds of art enthusiasts during Miami’s Art Week.

Coral Morphologic, a Miami-based duo composed of Colin Foord and J.D. McKay, has earned acclaim for their groundbreaking underwater media creations. Their commitment to pushing boundaries and creating stunning art made them ideal partners for A3 Visual, a trailblazer in the AV industry. Spearheading the project was Sean Mason, A3 Visual’s Chief Creative Officer of the Immersive Division.

When Coral Morphologic approached Light Harvest with their vision, the project began. Shortly after, A3 Visual was contracted as the technical provider.  Each team brought very specialized and knowledgeable skills to complement this project. To achieve an even greater level of realism, Coral Morphologic went so far as to 3D print a model of the building and take it to their coral habitats and grew coral on it. Then capturing footage and incorporating it into the final content to get an even more realistic visual of what coral would look like interacting on the building.

Leveraging 15 Panasonic RQ35K projectors from Nationwide Video, A3 Visual transformed the side of Miami’s Knight Concert Hall into a mesmerizing canvas during Miami’s Art Week. This large-scale activation showcased macroscopic images of coral reefs, featuring both local species and those from around the world. Thousands of art lovers were captivated by this awe-inspiring display, leading to well-deserved recognition for the project and the cause not to mention Best of Miami – Best Art Activation award.

Reflecting on the project’s success, Sean Mason shares his enthusiasm, stating, “This collaboration was an opportunity to merge cutting-edge technology with the beauty of the underwater world. We wanted to create a truly immersive experience that would captivate the audience and raise awareness about the importance of reef conservation. The response we received was overwhelming, and it motivates us to continue pushing boundaries and creating transformative art.”


The collaboration between A3 Visual, Coral Morphologic, and Light Harvest Studio represents another opportunity for Sean and his team to contribute to positive initiatives. A3 Visual frequently partners with nonprofits and causes aligned with their mission.

A3 Visual’s Best of Miami award for Best Art Activation serves as a testament to their creative prowess and ability to merge technology with art seamlessly. Collaborating with Coral Morphologic and Light Harvest Studio, A3 Visual created a visually stunning display that captivated audiences and raised awareness about the importance of reef conservation. As A3 Visual continues to push boundaries and create transformative art, their future projects hold great promise. Through partnerships with innovative artists and creative innovators like A3 Visual, Nationwide Video keeps a  commitment to support positive impact, with premier AV Gear for the industry.

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Production credits: Videography, Direction, Editing, and Production by Coral Morphologic: Coral Morphologic is Colin Foord and J.D. McKay Editing and Generative Design by Mary Lindström Editing by John McSwain Original Film Score by Coral Morphologic and Nick León Musical Instrument Sponsorship by Teenage Engineering Coral Morphologic Lab and Studio Assistance by Max Ivers and Jack Kahn Boat Captain by Juan Comendeiro Graphic Design by Robert Beatty Website Design by Reuben Molinares Architectural Video Mapping Installation co-produced by Light Harvest + A3 Visual: Ryan Uzilevsky – Lead Production | Sean Mason – Technical Direction James Cullen – Production Management | Oliver Davies – 3D Modeling Louis Buxin – Projections | Joaquin Martinez – Projections 3D Model Production & Printing by MADCO3D: Dan Bernard – Production | Adam Kushner – Printing | Lucas DeMeritt – Printing Venue Management by Ellen Rusconi of the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts Documentation by Jorge Graupera and Justin Namon Documentation Sponsorship by Kate Fleming of Bridge Initiative Lindsey Linzer of The Miami Foundation Executive Production by Adam Ganuza of the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation Special Thanks to Alberto Ibargüen, Victoria Rogers, and Juan Martinez

Gear: Panasonic PT-RQ35 Laser Phosphor Projection – From Nationwide Video