Christie M 4K15 – Is it close to the perfect Rental Staging Projector?

The Christie HD14K-M projector was hands down the most popular projector in the rental staging industry. But the industry has been craving a replacement to the legendary HD14K-M for a while and Christie Digital answered the call with the brilliant new M 4K15 debuted at InfoComm 2023. The M 4K15 is a pure RGB Laser, 4K projector, capable of producing full 14,000 lumens at 110v.  It was also designed to fit the previous generation of M-series lenses and cages. While stocking up on accessories has forever been the kryptonite when upgrading your projection fleet, with the design of the M 4K15, it’s no concern at all!

When discussing the upgrades from the HD14K-M series projector that preceded the M 4K15, there’s nothing but great news. Shifting away from a dual lamp setup that required more frequent maintenance, added time waiting for warming/cooling, and couldn’t achieve near-perfect color recreation, the M 4K15 came in to alleviate all those issues with a pure RGB laser solution. Using a pure RGB laser gives the operator independent control over each individual prime color that is being projected and ensures that every hue and shade is faithfully represented compared to its lamp counterpart. We’re talking this projector can hit 98% accuracy on a REC2020 color gamut which is a massive improvement from previous projection technology. Another awesome update from the 14K-M to the M 4K15 is the fact that it is omnidirectional. By taking out the lamps which restricted certain physical orientations, the pure RGB laser setup allows this projector to be flown any which way without risk of damage.

While it’s easy to focus on all the technological upgrades (because there are so many) the footprint, in multiple ways, is a fraction of what would be expected given all these awesome advances. The M 4K15 effortlessly produces full brightness at 110v which is a significant win for rental and staging clients. It’s also significantly quieter, which makes it a great fit for almost every environment. This projector is rated to be 25,000 hours maintenance-free and did we mention that its light engine and imager are dust-sealed? This leads to an effortless owner experience and lets you spend less time maintaining your inventory and more time focusing on producing the best show possible.

While these projectors were unveiled at InfoComm 2023 in Orlando to positive reviews, the M 4K15 is now hitting the market! As the sales arm to the rental and staging industry for Christie Digital, Nationwide Video is now able to take purchase orders for the M 4K15 and expects units to be shipping out very soon.  With our NW360 suite, Nationwide Case can build road cases for your M 4K15’s so you can get them out in the field as soon as they arrive.  To learn more or get started on your purchase order today, fill out the form below and our sales team will contact you or you can email the team at You can also add the M 4K15 to a purchase order here.