The LDI 2023 Expo will be happening December 3rd-5th at the Las Vegas Convention Center West Hall. We love walking the show floor and checking out the new technology so we wanted to share a list of some awesome new technology that we’ll have our eyes peeled for at LDI this year.

INFiLED DB1.95 and X1.95mk2 (featuring CBSF technology)

INFiLED made a significant stride in the world of extended reality and virtual production by introducing a  technology called CBSF (Color & Brightness Shift Free) in September 2023. The primary focus of CBSF technology lies in revolutionizing the arrangement of LED chips. By implementing chip-type LED technology with emissions on five sides into their newly developed M2 chip, they achieved a more refined light emission, effectively mitigating issues like moiré patterns and other undesirable reflections on the screen’s surface. This breakthrough substantially enhances color accuracy, color temperature stability, and uniform brightness when capturing wide-angle motions on the screen.

To limit color inaccuracies and reduce glare, M2 chips employing CBSF technology incorporate a unique surface treatment process for their LED. This solution significantly reduces color discrepancies, ensuring that colors on the screen match their original hues, ultimately resulting in a more precise and authentic display. It reduces unwanted reflections from the LED surface, delivering exceptional visual quality for XR and VP applications.

When it comes to color temperature, CBSF technology plays a role in maintaining consistent color temperature across a 160-degree wide field of view. This ensures that the displayed colors remain stable and true, even when viewed from different angles.

During XR or VP shooting, deviations from the optimal filming angle can lead to variations in image brightness. INFiLED’s innovative technology addresses this challenge by ensuring that brightness remains consistent across different viewing angles, reducing the need for frequent brightness adjustments during recording.

PIXERA 2.0 Software

We’re excited to swing by the PIXERA booth and checkout some of the new gear and more importantly, the software! PIXERA 2.0 Software delivers a handful of new features. Here is what to expect from the new software:


  •  Update entire projects
  •  Sync only certain aspects of a project (e.g., projector warps)
  •  Continuously update all systems with all changes

Dry Client Programming

  • Create live system placeholders from templates
  • Complete with all properties of a specific hardware setup
  • Independent of the existence of real machines
  • Build show configuration and assign live system IPs as needed


  • Use Control to detect Director failure
  • Allow a different Director to take over
  • Multi-user functionality ensures Directors are up-to-date
  • Ready to fully replace a downed system

Perspectives for Screen Groups

  • In PIXERA 2.0, each screen group can have independent perspectives
  • Determine how layers are seen through the screens they appear on

DMX Input Recordings

  • Efficiently record DMX data as it enters the system
  • Filter it to remove noise
  • Create timeline clips that replicate the DMX input

The list of benefits for the PIXERA 2.0 software continues on their website. Click here to learn more.

Interested in learning more about PIXERA? Nationwide University offers PIXERA training hosted by National Training Manager, Kevin Ring. Click Here to see all the upcoming classes.


BlackMagic Design Micro Studio Camera 4K G2


The Blackmagic Micro Studio Camera 4K G2 is the next-generation iteration of the popular Micro Studio Camera 4K. This updated model maintains the impressively compact design of its predecessor while introducing some great enhancements. The key features of the Blackmagic Micro Studio Camera 4K G2 include a 4K digital film sensor boasting 13 stops of dynamic range and dual native ISO capabilities, extending up to an ISO of 25,600 for exceptional low-light performance. The camera now incorporates 12G-SDI support, allowing for operation at resolutions up to 2160p60, and introduces a new USB-C expansion port for recording Blackmagic RAW to external drives and enabling network control through Ethernet adapters.

The Blackmagic Micro Studio Camera 4K G2 serves as an ideal solution for scenarios where space constraints make using standard-sized cameras inconvenient or unfeasible. It features the popular MFT lens mount, an ultra-sensitive 4K image sensor for low-light conditions, and cinematic color science. Despite its compact form factor, this camera is loaded with the features typically associated with full-sized studio cameras. It also offers 12G-SDI support for both HD and Ultra HD operations, up to 2160p60, and allows for control of the built-in color correction and lens functions via SDI and HDMI connections.  The camera is capable of recording Blackmagic RAW directly to USB storage devices. Going beyond standard broadcast quality, the Blackmagic Micro Studio Camera 4K incorporates log gamma, empowering users to create cinematic, color-corrected looks directly within the camera.

Nationwide Video is an authorized vendor of BlackMagic Design products. To check out five simple products from BlackMagic Design, check out the article we wrote here.


Martin Mac Aura XIP


The brand new MAC Aura XIP stands out as a top-tier moving head wash light with a revolutionary aura filament effect and comprehensive pixel control, complete with video mapping capabilities on the beam, aura, or both. It’s the latest addition to Martin’s reliable MAC Aura wash light series, setting a new standard by being the first in its class to receive an outdoor-use rating. Martin’s outdoor-capable design ensures minimal compromises in weight, size, and aesthetics. The MAC Aura XIP delivers an even wash field with a soft edge, minimal stray light, and powerful mid-air beams thanks to enhanced light engine control.

Ideal for a diverse range of productions, from concerts and tours to festivals and events, the MAC Aura XIP features a smart outdoor design without sacrificing the quietness and lightweight characteristics needed for theater, television, corporate events, and more. Long story short, it’s as good indoors as it is outdoors.

For lighting designers, the MAC Aura XIP opens up a realm of possibilities with its aura filament effect, narrower beam, and superior wash quality, all driven by improved light engine control. Rental customers, on the other hand, will appreciate the practicality of a lighter and more versatile workhorse, coupled with optical enhancements and a sealed design, making it suitable for virtually any environment while requiring minimal maintenance.


LDI 2023 is sure to be another great show and we can’t wait to check out all the awesome new technology. To speak with the Nationwide Video sales team about new gear and how to acquire it, give us a call at 800.935.2323 or reach out via email at sales@nationwidevideo.com.