LED Repair Spotlight: Stage Right, Inc.

LED Repair Spotlight: Stage Right, Inc.


We had the opportunity to sit down with Ed Walker from Stage Right, Inc. to discuss their LED offerings and how Nationwide’s LED Repair team has offered support in maintaining their inventory.


NW: Can you tell us a little bit about Stage Right and the scope of your work?

EW: Stage Right, Inc. is a Chicago-based global live audiovisual event and virtual production services company. We create online and in-person corporate and association events via lights, sound, video, pre-production, and production management services. We deliver innovative budget-conscious and flawless productions that have satisfied hundreds of clients over thousands of events in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia since 1991.


NW: Congrats on over 30 years of excellent service! When did you initially take the step into the world of LED and what type of tiles did you invest in?

EW: Stage Right invested in LED at the beginning of 2019. We wanted to ensure the technology developed enough to the point that any tiles we purchased, were the correct fit for our usage. For a lot of our LED applications, our events are indoors and we require a small pixel pitch which allows our audience to sit closer to the LED display.  Based on the fact that we don’t typically require LED for outdoors. we invested in the Unilumin Upad III 2.6mm tiles.


NW: As we all know, LED is quite fragile. How have you been approaching LED Repair in the past? Were you getting tiles repaired by the manufacturer? Can you discuss your experience with that?

EW: Once we took ownership of our LED, we realized that maintaining our inventory is a high priority and we needed to keep our inventory in working order. We initially were having our LED serviced by the manufacturer and then by another repair facility.  The challenge we faced was having our repairs completed in a timely manner.  We were finding that the turnaround time was effecting our working inventory count for our upcoming events. With these delays and inconsistencies, we were looking for another solution we could count on.


NW: How did you initially hear about Nationwide’s LED repair services?

EW: We first heard about Nationwide’s LED Repair services by word of mouth. It was a name that was sort of making it’s way through the industry. At the same time, Nationwide Video’s business development team was stopping by as they usually do and they began to fill us in on the repair services and how that fit into the Nationwide 360 model. We were also receiving marketing material that Nationwide shared via email.


NW: Was there anything that Nationwide did differently that you preferred to the other LED Repair services you’ve used?

EW: We have found Nationwide Video repair services to be invaluable in helping us fulfill our scope of work. Your turnaround times, expertise in LED equipment repair, and quality of service have consistently fulfilled our expectations. From our urgent repairs during critical project phases, to ongoing maintenance support, your team has been a reliable partner in ensuring our operations run smoothly.

NW: That’s awesome to hear. And can you speak to the partnership between Stage Right and Nationwide aside from just LED Repair services?

Stage Right has been using Nationwide Video services since 2000 for equipment rentals, then LED repair, and most recently manufacturing of equipment cases.  All of these service areas of Nationwide Video have provided Stage Right with quality products, on-time delivery, and a reliable staff that is there to support our needs 24/7.

The Nationwide Mission is to help our clients grow and scale their businesses without working with a competitor. That’s what Nationwide and the 360 model of services strives to do. To learn more about Stage Right, Inc. visit them at  https://www.stagerightinc.com/  And to learn more about Nationwide Video’s LED Repair services, or to get information about sending your tiles in for repair, visit https://nationwidevideo.com/led-tile-repair/

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