Nationwide University is now an official Barco Training Partner

Nationwide University partners with manufacturers to provide customers with training on the products being used in productions worldwide.

NW university is now offering Barco Certified Training on the Event Master Toolset, which includes the powerful Barco E2, as well as the S3, ImagePro 4K, and the new PDS-4K.

The Barco training is split into two classes: Barco Certified Operator (1A) and Barco Certified Specialist (1B). Nationwide University is now offering both of these classes on a regular, continuing basis at the Nationwide University main campus in Irvine, and will offer these courses in various other cities throughout the year.

Upon successful completion, a student will leave the classes with a firm understanding of the Barco product line, and will be able to setup and operate large scale events with blended projection, LED displays with custom resolutions, AUX destinations, and more. They will also receive a certificate from Barco certifying them as either an Operator or Specialist.

To learn more about Barco certified trainings, please visit the NWu course catalog.