Christie Twist – Edge Blending & Image Warping
Christie Twist Edge Blending & Image Warping Projector Blending Tools

The ability to manage arrayed projectors to display virtually any image, anywhere is made easier with Christie Twist. Twist gives you software options for warping and blending on all Christie 3DLP projectors and most Christie HS Series​ 1DLP laser projectors, allowing pixels to be mapped more easily onto any projection surface, maintaining proper geometry and accurate pixel-t

o-pixel alignment. The technology also provides networked projector control by allowing you to launch a virtual remote from within the Twist software with all the functionality of standard infrared remotes.

Christie Twist software is a free download. Christie Twist Premium and Twist Pro are paid upgrades and provide additional functionality for more complex projects.

Click the images to view a full size image of the Christie Twist software.

Christie Twist family overview

The Christie Twist product family includes three tiers of specialized software with each version tailored to specific needs: from simple flat screen multi-projector warps and blends to highly multifaceted applications. No matter what the surface, Christie has the right Twist solution for the project. Christie Twist and Christie Twist Premium are ideal for live theater and events, projection mapping, tradeshows, large classrooms, corporate boardrooms, museums, houses o​f worship, casinos and entertainments facilities, and more. For more intricate projects – including virtual caves and domes – Christie Twist Pro delivers unlimited arbitrary placement points for greater accuracy. Key features of the Christie Twist family:

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