Key Considerations When Purchasing a Projector

Key Considerations When Purchasing a Projector

As a growing live event production company, investing in the right projector is crucial to begin expanding your company’s capabilities. Whether you’re planning to support conferences, concerts, trade shows, or other events, the projector you choose will significantly impact the quality and impact of your presentations. Nationwide Video has been in the projection world for more than 25 years, so we wanted to share some essential factors to consider when purchasing a projector:

1. Image Quality

Image quality directly impacts the output of your presentations. Look for projectors with high resolution and color accuracy. Full HD (1080p) or even 4K resolution projectors are recommended for detailed visuals. Additionally, consider the projector’s contrast ratio to ensure rich blacks and vibrant colors, contributing to a crisp image. For example, if you are providing projection for a medical conference or an event that requires data to be shown on the screen, or you need a specific color for a company logo, you have to choose the right projector.  The new Christie RGB Projectors can deliver approximately 98% of the rec2020 color gamut.

2. Physical Size and Weight

The physical size of your projector can affect the ease of transportation and the different applications in which it can be used. Be sure to consider the portability and weight of the projector. Projectors can range in weight from 5lbs to more than 100lbs.  For on-the-go setups, a compact and lightweight projector might be ideal. It’s important to consider how quickly you can set up your projectors. When you have multiple breakout rooms and multiple set-ups in a short period of time, it’s worth addressing how many people it takes to get the projector out of the case and onto a stand or table. This can play a huge factor in efficiency when multiplied across several breakout rooms.  At Nationwide we provide a wide variety of rental products from each manufacturer, our newest being Epson 6K, 8K, 13K, Panasonic PT-RQ25K, and Christie M 4K25.

3. Brightness

Brightness, measured in lumens, is a key differentiator and something that’s an important consideration for projectors. The ambient lighting conditions of your event space will determine the required brightness level. For well-lit spaces, you’ll need a projector with higher lumens to ensure clear and vibrant visuals. Conversely, for dimly lit environments, a lower lumen count might suffice. Carefully assess the lighting conditions of your typical event venues and select a projector that can deliver the necessary brightness for optimal visibility.


4. Projector Lifespan

The lifespan of a projector is a major factor to consider when preparing to make a purchase. A longer lifespan ensures a better return on investment by providing you with years of reliable service, reducing the need for frequent replacements or costly repairs. Additionally, a prolonged lifespan is essential for businesses and educational institutions, as it guarantees consistent performance over an extended period, minimizing disruptions and maintenance expenses. To cite an example, the Christie 14K-M Series projectors are still being used today! So before you make your next investment think ahead beyond your next calendar year and consider the features you will be needing a handful of years from now.

5. Voltage Compatibility (110V or 208V)

Voltage compatibility is necessary for hassle-free setups. Projectors may require 110V or 208V. Ensure your projector can operate seamlessly with the voltage available in your event venues. Additionally, some projectors have adaptable power supplies, making them suitable for a range of voltage inputs however they may be less bright at 110V. For Example, some larger projectors can operate at full power on 208V, but will be able to run up to around 15,000 Lumens on just a 110V Outlet.  One of our newest Projectors the Christie M 4K15 operates at full brightness with 110V. If you’re looking to learn more about that, check out the detailed article we wrote about the Christie M 4K15 RGB Laser Projector.



6. LCD vs. DLP Display Technologies

Both LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) and DLP (Digital Light Processing) are popular display technologies in projectors. LCD projectors offer good color accuracy and can be more budget friendly compared to their DLP counterparts. When thinking LCD, the advantage is that they’re affordable and available. The downside on LCD projection is that over time, LCD’s tend to have color degradation. On the other hand, DLP projectors are known for their smooth motion and higher contrast ratios as well as better color reproduction. If you’re going to be blending projectors or trying to match a client’s logo perfectly, DLP may be the way to go. All things considered, your choice between the two should align with your company’s priorities and budget allocation.

7. Cross-Renting Availability

Getting into projection is a large investment. It’s crucial to consider your company’s growth trajectory and the scale of shows you’re doing. If your shows typically require more projectors or more lens options than you’re able to initially invest in, it’s great to be aware of where your subrental projection is going to come from. This is where partnership can help your growth. Being in connection with a subrental resource can help inform your purchasing decision. By learning what they have readily available, you can choose a projector that aligns with their inventory so you’re always able to scale up your shows based on the desires of the client.

If getting into projection is something that you’re interested in, partnering with Nationwide Video can offer you plenty of support. We can help you pick the right projectors, screens, and more with the features you want and the budget you need. Additionally, purchasing through Nationwide Video provides you with multiple benefits such as access to custom designed and manufactured cases by Nationwide Case, financing support from our partners at Envision Capital Group LLC, and manufacturer certified training courses from Nationwide University, including Projection 101! Our knowledgeable team is happy to walk you through any questions and provide you with a purchase order on new projectors that also includes manufacturer warranties.

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